An all natural alternative to your standard cold sore treatment... and it works!! Handmade with ♡ and essential oils.



This 100% natural easy to use cold sore balm can help treat your cold sore symtoms while reducing the healing time. Also ideal for use on chapped lips, it helps soothe, nourish and hydrate your lips.


Melissa essential oil (Lemon Balm), is the key ingredient in our cold sore balm, with its potent antiviral properties.

Several studies have been carried out on the wonders of Lemon Balm, demonstrating how it can improve cold sore symtoms and reduce the healing time. 


This is by far my favourite product as I have always suffered from cold sores, but now they are few and far apart. I use mine as just a normal lip balm, which has definately helped with prevention.

My essential oils product range is a natural, safe alternative, free from toxic chemicals and synthetic ingredients - using Certified Pure Theraputic Grade Essential Oils.

Cold Sore Balm

  • Dab onto sore and surrounding areas as often as needed. To avoid contamination apply with a clean cotton bud each time.